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Let’s go back in the time when the family owner of the property had a beach house on the terrain. Having a beach house at Banda Bou, at the west side of Curaçao dates to an ongoing family tradition. The whole family used to stay at the beach house during weekends and holidays fishing and hunting. These days were spent at the beach house, thus giving you time to relax, refuel & refocus. The land owners decided to transform their beach house into Punta West Bed & Breakfast. A private 16-room accommodation located at the rural west side of Curaçao.

The relaxing & cozy atmosphere of a beach house was kept, so guest can experience the same feeling the family had back in the days. It is the ideal place to escape temporarily from the hustle & bustle of everyday life, being able to relax, refuel & refocus.

Other than traditional Bed & Breakfast, Punta West gives you something more, but still have that flexible, personalized and casual service. Every morning, breakfast is served at our Panorama Restaurant located on our rooftop, where you can enjoy the most beautiful view on Playa Forti beach, with its crystal clear Caribbean waters but also the magnificent hills on the other side. A variety of local birds will also accompany you with their cheerfully songs.

We are well located next to all the most popular beaches on the west side of Curaçao.